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Communities 2023




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MARCH 16-17, 2023

  • the projects of the cities for the next period
  • smart solutions proposed by companies or other organisations
  • government strategies and programs for smart communities development
  • new ideas from startups for community well-being


Smart Mobility, Smart Utilities, Smart Environment, Smart Health, Smart Education, Smart Safety, Smart Business.


Smart cities mean implementing technological solutions but also good collaboration between communities, government and business for the benefit of citizens.

In this way, smart cities will be able to achieve a quality of life that is consistently safe, healthy and meaningful, enabling residents to prosper physically, spiritually and economically.

Representatives from local public authorities and smart city solution providers, together with academics and innovative start-ups, will participate in a unique format to ensure:

  • Identify the needs of local communities
  • Promotion of Smart City solutions
  • Identifying and understanding government needs, barriers and
  • Improving, adapting business models
  • Sales opportunities
  • Future partnerships
    Meeting place for industry specialists

They will participate:

  • representatives of County Councils, Municipalities, Cities and Communes
  • representatives of ministries, institutions and government agencies
  • representatives of technology companies providing smart solutions and services for local communities
  • specialists from academia and research
  • representatives of start-ups with smart city initiatives

We will stimulate:

  • discovery and exploration of new ideas and resources for the development of local communities
  • sharing experience with industry experts in digital transformation efforts, which require regional and multidisciplinary collaborations
  • answering questions on ways to develop smart communities
  • new partnerships based on smart solutions


8.30 -9.00  Participant registrations & Welcome coffee

General event moderator: Marius Bostan, Entrepreneur, former Minister of Communications

9.00 – 9.15 Introduction – Smart communities from concept to reality

  • Message from Prime Minister Nicolae Ionel Ciuca (tbc)
  • Message from the Minister of Research, Innovation and Digitisation Sebastian Burduja

9.15 – 9.25 High-speed electronic communications essential for the development of local communities 

ANCOM implications of 5G in the smart city

Guest: Bogdan Iana, Vice-President ANCOM

9.25 -9.40 Edge Computing technologies by Lenovo in the context of Smart Cities/Communities – Barcelona Smart City case study.

Edge computing, what does it mean, how does it work, how does it help the community and the administration, what are the advantages of shortening the processing time of digital data collected in urban cores: intersections, hospitals, schools, parks etc. What is the relationship between edge computing and cloud?

Guest: Lucian Găgean, ISG Sales Manager at Lenovo

9.40 – 10.10 Technology and innovation combined with the opportunity of European funds – a new stage for local development

How do we develop cities and regions with European and national funds?
What do we do to not miss any opportunities?
How can citizens benefit from local authorities’ strategies?


  • Andreea Naggar, State Secretary, Ministry of Investment and European Projects
  • Radu Andronic, General Manager FIP Consulting
  • Ioan Popa, Mayor of Reșița Municipality

10.10- 10.40 Digital tools for communities
The benefits of Ghiș for rural communities
The investment map of Chisinau municipality as a digital tool
Adoption of innovative technological solutions a condition for increasing quality of life and business efficiency in smart communities 

Integrated eGovernment solutions – benefits for citizens, administrations and civil servants 


  • Andrei Niculae, Vice-President of the Authority for the Digitalization of Romania
  • Olga Ursu, Vice-Mayor Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
  • Marius Ursulescu – Director General Custom Production Europe
  • Silviu Stoica, CEO Rambol SEE
  • Edward Cretescu, General Manager Regista

10.40 – 11.10 Break

11.10 – 12.10 Tools and mechanisms for accelerating digital transformation and innovation in the fields of smart cities, urban mobility and public services
Moderator: Ionut Tata, CEO Iceberg+

  • Paul Pece, General Secretary, Federation of Romanian Metropolitan Areas
  • Alexandra Hîncu, Manager EIT Urban Mobility RIS Hub Romania
  • Mircea Vădan, President of Spherik Accelerator
  • Rafael Afonso, Marketing Officer at Market Development of EIT Urban Mobility
  • Irina Toma, Coordinator FIT European Digital Innovation Hub

12.10-12.20 ” Valeni – Moldova’s first SMART Village in the heart of the country’s only UNESCO Biosphere Reserve,  3:30h from Bucharest”

Guest: Nicu Stirbet – Project Manager / Analyst, Div. Technology & Innovation, European Central Bank

12.20 – 13.00 Smart mobility
Decarbonisation of the public transport fleet
The challenge of creating cycle paths in cities
Orbital project – Radial roads – connecting Bucharest with the new A  motorway through ten radial roads


  • Cătălin Frangulea, Director of the Metropolitan Association for Sustainable Development of Public Transport Brasov
  • Radu Andronic, General Manager FIP Consulting
  • Alina Ciolan, Head of  SUMP Coordination Department, Intercommunity Development Association for Public Transport Bucharest – Ilfov
  • Gabriel Trușcă, Deputy Director of Roads, Intercommunity Development Association Bucharest Metropolitan Area

13.00-14.30 Break

14.30 – 15.10 Smart utilities & enviroment – Practical solutions for the current and future crisis

What investments are needed to reduce energy costs?
What solutions do we have for smart municipal waste collection and management at county or city/municipal level?
Clean solutions for resilient and sustainable communities


  • Cristian Ilie, Director, Ministry of Energy
  • Lóránd FÜLÖP, State Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests
  • Silviu Stoica, CEO Rambol SEE
  • Gabriel Ioniță, CEO Axionet /Xsolar

15.10 – 15.20 Smart Design: Digitization and Automation
Developments and revolutions in the AEC industry over the last 10 years, the impending paradigm shift through automation, AI, information-driven design and performance in both architectural and urban design.

Guest Speaker: Dragoș Rugină, Design Director & Founder | RUAA

15.20 – 15.40 Smart education – Modernising educational infrastructure

How is education supported in schools?
How and whom do digital education platforms help?
What are the training needs for local government staff?
How resilient education systems have been created in Iasi and future projects


  • Alexandru Șelaru, Founder Edus
  • Medeea Petrovan, Metropolitan Agency for Sustainable Development Brasov
  • Cătălin Boghiu, Director of Digital Transformation and Smart City Implementation Municipality of Iasi 

15.40- 16.00 Break

16.00 – 17.00 Start-up demo night – Innovative solutions for cities and municipalities
Moderator: Andra Tănase, Senior Green and Digital Strategist and Project Manager Transilvania IT Cluster

  1. Solutions
    Speaker: Tudor Beleuță
  2. Netzerocities
    Speaker: Razvan Craciunescu
  3. Blume Technologies
    Speaker: Robert Olariu
  4. Urbanizehub
    Speaker:Ruxandra Păduraru

8.30-9.00 Participants registration & Welcome coffee
9.00 – 9.45 Strategic Community Development

Moderator: Iulian Popescu, Entrepreneur, former Secretary of State at the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization

  • Adrian Teban – AOR President
  • Andrei Ando- Executive Director, Communication, Strategies and Public Administration Department, CJ ARAD
  • Cătălin Toma, President of CJ Vrancea 

9.45 – 11.00 WORKSHOP – Healthy projects for happy cities. How to make a project both useful and fundable
Hosted by Radu Andronic, General Manager FIP Consulting


  • How do we make investment projects useful to the community and also eligible for funding?
  • How do we effectively analyse and substantiate a major investment project?
  • How and when do we involve the local community in project preparation?
  • Case studies and examples from projects in Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Tg.Mures and Resita.

11.00 – 11.15 Break

11.15 – 12.30 WORKSHOP – How city branding can contribute to community development
Hosted by Felix Tătaru, President of the Institute for Visionary Cities


  • The role of a strong brand in the development of a community or place
  • The need for citizen/community involvement in the place branding process
  • How to attract more investors or tourists with a strong city brand
  • How cities in Romania can fulfil their economic, social and tourism potential with place branding
  • Case studies

12.30 – 12.45 Break

12.45 – 14.00 WORKSHOP – The Rise of Smart Cities – solutions for the transition to smart cities

Hosted by Ionuț Țața, CEO Iceberg+,Orchestrator FIT Digital Innovation Hub

About: The workshop will present and debate technical solutions, methodologies and mechanisms through which public administrations and city communities in Romania can accelerate the transition process towards smart cities. We will seek to decipher and exemplify key concepts relevant for the next wave of European smart city projects, such as digital innovation hubs, open innovation, living labs, sandbox, citizen science, and will present the first initiatives in Romania implementing these concepts. The workshop will also include an interactive presentation of specific smart city technologies for the next wave of smart city projects.

Target group: mayors, public administrators, IT managers, investment managers, utility companies, companies in the fields of tourism, environment, mobility, retail.


Platform for constructive discussions, information,
promotion and launching new partnerships



Representatives of public authorities have FREE access (includes access to the conference, exhibition and workshops as well as coffee breaks and lunch)

Participation fee for companies: 850 lei + VAT (includes access to the conference, exhibition and workshops as well as coffee breaks and lunch)

If you need accommodation at the hotel Pullman, where the event will take place, please contact us at 

Please register early – the hall has limited seats!

As a Partner:

Includes promotion through branding elements at the event venue, through press releases and social media, as well as making presentations of solutions at the conference (speaker and exhibition stand).

For details please contact us at:



In the last 6 years we have promoted the concept of smart city to Romanian cities. We have shown through our conferences what smart cities mean, what our cities should look like and what the benefits are for the administration and the people.

We work closely with the technology community andwe bring together a large number of providers of smart systems for energy, infrastructure, networking, data management, urban mobility, public services and more.

We are creating an urban ecosystem for the benefit of citizens, adapted to their current needs.


Highlights from past events:

  • 16 smart city events: conferences, debates, exhibitions and international webinars, in physical, online and hybrid formats.
  • 490 speakers
  • More than 2500 participants: employees from municipalities and central public authorities, business representatives, politicians, academics
  • Over 330,000 online conferences views
  • Publications: 3 supplements in Newsweek Romania magazine, with the title “The Guide Smart City Solutions Guide”, which were sent by courier to the city halls of 300 cities in Romania
  • Promotion of the Alba Iulia Smart City project – over 100 smart solutions tested and implemented
  • Newsletters that include the conclusions and solutions presented during the events
  • Hundreds of appearances in print, radio, television and online media
  • Over 5 million followers on social networks
  • 12 episodes Smart City weekly show with examples and explanations, broadcast on Realitatea TV
  • Extraordinary participations with remarkable interventions from: communications and technology companies, ministers, secretaries of state, the Prime Minister of Romania, teachers, mayors, city managers, directors, Romanian and international experts
  • An important community that believes in the ethical principles that should govern technological development, because technology is just a tool to make life better for Romanians.
Past partners