Concord Communication was established in 2013 and has extensive expertise in communication, promoting and organizing business events. We have established dozens of partnerships with important companies and organizations in various fields: IT&C, capital market, public administration, construction, energy, health, European funds, education, GDPR, press etc.

Dozens of business events organized

In general, the business events we organize offer participants the opportunity to learn about industry news and trends, what are government strategies and their impact on the business environment, to exchange ideas and experience, to create valuable connections and the development of knowledge networks, thus laying the foundations for new partnerships. Participated thousands of people from business, public administration, academia, the press, non-profit organizations etc. All the actions found their echoes in press publications, where hundreds of appearances were recorded and had hundreds of thousands of views in the online environment.

In the field of capital market we have worked closely with important capital market institutions (ASF, BVB), AAF, SSIF, listed company, consultants. Through this our events, we brought to the forefront current issues, of great interest to the community, in information and awareness campaigns on issues reported by the actors and which were very well reflected in the press.

pcWe build communication platforms between central, local public authorities and the business environment. Responding to our invitations: the Prime Minister of Romania at that time-Ludovic Orban, ministers, secretaries of state, international experts, mayors, ASF president, BVB president, BVB general manager, Cyberint general manager, Cert-ro general manager, presidents of associations and employers from various fields, politicians and entrepreneurs.

In the last 5 years we have carried out a wide campaign to raise awareness of the importance of technology for: streamlining activities, local and national development, health, saving lives, economic and cultural development, tourism, environment, transport, energy, good administration and other important verticals for a better Romania. The results of this campaign so far are detailed below:

  • 14 Smart City applied under the name Smart City Debates that brought together over 1,800 participants, administration experts, technology companies, startups, international guests, mayors, deputy mayors, city managers, councilors and other stakeholders;
  • Promoting the Alba Iulia Smart City project – over 100 smart solutions, tested and implemented, a place of inspiration, innovation and hope for smart technology to work for people;
  • 3 editions Smart City Solutions Guide as specialty supplements published in partnership with Newsweek Magazine to popularize solutions, which have been submitted to 300 City Halls;
  • Each event is followed by the transmission to the local administration of a Newsletter that includes the conclusions and solutions presented in it;
  • Hundreds of appearances in print, radio, television and online media;iasi sm
  • Impact of over 5 million followers on social networks for our events and interventions;
  • A 12-episode weekly Smart City show with examples and explanations, broadcast on Realitatea TV, which enjoyed a particularly good rating, with reruns and downloads for our client Telekom Romania; 
  • Extraordinary participations with remarkable interventions from communications and technology companies, ministers, secretaries of state, the Prime Minister of Romania, teachers, mayors, city managers, directors, Romanian and international experts;
  • An important community who believes in the ethical principles that should govern technological development, because technology is just a tool to make life better for the Romanians.

We organize online, offline and hybrid events for our clients, we ensure their production and management. We broadcast live on social media, where we recorded tens of thousands of live views. We offer video and branding / event slots to our partners.

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Some of our partners and customers

They trusted us as partners: Tradeville, XTB, ErsteBank, SIF Transilvania, SIF Moldova, SIF Muntenia, Țuca Zbârcea & Asociații, Duțescu & Asociații, Admiral Markets, BT Capital Partners, PWC, Cemacom etcOther clients we have worked with on various projects are: Orange, Telekom, Dell Technology, Transgaz, Electrica, E-ON, Philips, UPC, ASSECO, Bosh, Altimate, Certsign, Solvit, Intrarom, Digitax, S&T, Saftech, NTT Data, Siveco, Power Net, Urban Scope and many others.


Newsweek Romania Magazine is one of our important customers.

The management team entrusted us with the turnkey organization of all their business events, starting with the launch of their business in Romania, in 2018.

The Newsweek Awards Gala is another complex event we are organizing at the end of the year for Newsweek Romania.


All the online and offline events we have organized so far, in various fields of activity, can be accessed here: EvensPhoto Albums

Representation in relation to the media


We help companies increase their visibility through online, print and TV media. We make every effort to ensure that our clients wish to give interviews to the press or for the media to take over the press releases we send.

We collaborate with dozens of journalists from the central and local press and have the resources to provide the best prices for publishing advertorials.

We have a long experience in the press and we know how to turn any communication into a news story. We know what journalists are looking for in a press release and we meet them by professionally conveying the company’s messages.

 Why should you choose us?

Because we have 25 years of experience in Media, PR and organizing business events.
Because we find the best solutions for customers.
Because we help you promote yourself through all the specific methods.
Because we know how to organize promotion and brand awareness events.
Because we help you launch new products and services.
Because we represent you effectively in the relationship with the press and stakeholders.
Because we have experience in many areas of activity and resources that can be useful to our partners and customers.

Do you want to increase your company’s visibility? Do you have services and products that you would like to promote? Just contact us.

E-mail: office@concordcom.ro