Communication. Building trust and visibility

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  • We provide special communication dedicated to investors
  • We offer consultancy in creating and delivering messages
  • We help to publish information on the company’s web and social media pages
  • We organize events dedicated to the company’s stakeholders

We offer support for:
• increasing the company’s reputation among investors and professionals in the capital market;
• the increase and consolidation of the confidence of investors and professionals in the capital market in the management of the company, reflected in the increase of the share price / interest for the acquisition of other financial instruments that will be issued by the company;
• compliance with the commitment of continuous communication, imposed by the capital market legislation and the regulations of the Bucharest Stock Exchange;
• positioning as a leader in the field;
• creating a correct image of the business;
• efficient, coherent and correct communication, in an easy-to-understand language, made on all available media

What we can do:

• ensure communication for investors, in connection with all reports to BVB – translating them into easily accessible language (convening general meetings and their decisions, financial reports, current reports etc.) by drafting and submitting press releases, monitoring and reporting ;
• create impact news, in addition to financial communications
• publish and structure information on the company’s web and social media pages
• develop the content strategy for social media
• organize and manage events dedicated to investors / analysts (setting the agenda, speakers, attractive topics, visual event, setting location, drafting and submitting invitations to participate and two reminders, receiving confirmations of participation, promoting events, drafting and scenario etc.);
• offer consulting in making presentations, visual and content on the occasion of the presentation of presentations by the company’s management;
• message building counseling
• represent you in relation to other event organizers for the company’s participation and increasing visibility and scoring.

To request a personalized offer, please contact us: office @ concordcom . ro