JUNE 9, Conference & Expo, Hotel Pullman Bucharest (8.30 -16.30)

JUNE 10, Networking, Maison 13, Bucharest (10.00-13.00) 

“Smart Communities” is part of a series of debates on smart cities, which aim to adopt advanced technologies in communities as soon as possible, for the benefit of citizens of the administration and the business environment. The event continues the Smart City Debates (14 editions organized so far), initiated and moderated by Marius Bostan entrepreneur, local development expert, former Minister of Communications and Information Society. On this occasion, we want to bring to the fore the European funding programs, as well as the way in which all the parties involved are prepared: the public administration, consultants and solution providers, who can help the development of projects on the right basis.

We aim to debate and connect public sector representatives with experts in drafting and implementing projects, but also with the providers of solutions, services and equipment needed to carry them out. The business environment must be present in identifying the needs of local communities, which can be addressed through smart technologies and the continuous development of the services provided.

Our guests will share at “Smart Communities” ideas and solutions based on their expertise and discuss how they can collaborate so that we can all benefit from the immense opportunity that technology and funding offer us to develop cities and communities, living standards and the economy in general. The topics discussed and the solutions presented during the event will refer to the way in which some barriers can be removed and the decision speed of public authorities to adopt solutions with priority for the following verticals: Smart Mobility, Smart Utilities, Smart Environment, Smart Health, Smart Education, Smart Safety, Smart Business.

smart communities

We have European money at our disposal, but how will it be used?

What are the necessary steps?

How are the technical specifications?

What are the business models?

At “Smart Communities” event we debate and connect the representatives of the public sector with experts for the drafting and implementation of European funded projects, but also with the providers of solutions, services and equipment necessary for their development.

The business environment must be present in identifying the needs of urban communities that can be addressed through smart technologies and the continuous development of implemented services.


  • Public administrations
  • Institutions of public interest
  • Consultants and experts in european funding
  • Companies that develop and deliver IT&C solutions and equipment


  • Connecting and interacting with key people from at least 20 cities interested in the Smart City concept
  • Promoting Smart City solutions
  • Finding out and understanding the needs, barriers and constraints of the administration
  • Improving, adapting business models
  • Identify procurement methods
  • Solutions offered by specialists in the public sector – public procurement
  • Sales opportunities
  • Meeting place for specialists in the field



8.00 – 9.00  Registration

9.00 – 9.45 Opening event

General Moderator: Marius Bostan, Entrepreneur, Local Development Expert, Former Minister of Communications and Information Society

The current situation, the existing challenges. An overview of the state of local communities, their problems and what lies ahead for the next 5 years

Keynote speakers:

  • Nicolae Ciuca, Prime Minister of Romania (tbc)
  • Sebastian Burduja, Minister of Research, Innovation and Digitization (tbc)
  • Radu Andronic, Director General F.I.P. Consulting
  • Valentina Frângu, Public Sector Lead, Dell Technologies
  • Cristian Patachia, Development & Innovation Manager Orange Romania
  • Valentin Popoviciu, Vice-president Digi-RCS-RDS

 9.45 -10.15 – Trialogues – funding through PNRR and other European programs


  • Marcel Boloș, Minister of European Investments and Projects
  • Silviu Stoica, CEO of Ramboll SEE
  • Ioan Popa, Mayor of Reșița

 Moderator: Radu Onofrei, President of ACRAFE

 10.15 – 11.15 Smart Mobility: Our time – our life

  • Sustainable mobility in Happy Cities – examples of good practice
  • Mobility Plans
  • Execution of projects


  • Radu Andronic, Director General F.I.P. Consulting
  • Cristian Matei, Mayor of Turda
  • Marius Moș, Executive Director, Project Management Department with International Financing, Oradea City Hall
  • Mette Hoé, Team Leader, Smart Mobility, Ramboll

Special interventions:

  • Cristian Patachia, Development & Innovation Manager Orange Romania 
  • Valentina Frângu, Public Sector Lead, Dell technologies

Moderator: Marius Bostan, entrepreneur, local development expert, former Minister of Communications and Information Society

11.15 -11.45 Coffee break, networking, promo presentations

 11.45-12.45 Solutions for digital transformation. Presentations and discussions with participants

  • Razvan Mocanu, Digital City Manager & IOT Orange Business Services
  • Dan Bogdan, Technical consultant manager, Dell Technnolgies
  • Sorin Oprea, Manager of ASSA Construct Consulting (Public Invest)
  • Oana Slabu, Executive Director, Harrison Consulting & Management

Moderator: Marius Bostan, entrepreneur, local development expert, former Minister of Communications and Information Society

 12.45 – 14.00 Lunch, Networking, Promo presentations

 14.00 – 14.45 Trialogues about digitization. Strategic projects.

  • Benefits for citizens and administration
  • Public services in need of improvement
  • Transparency and easy access to information


  • Iulian Popescu, Secretary of State, Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization
  • Dragoș Tohanean Vicepresident of the Digitization Authority 
  • Andrei Carabelea, Mayor of Piatra Neamț

Moderator: George Anghel, general manager of ConectX

14.45 – 15.15 Smart Utilities – Dialogues. Solutions

  • Virgil Popescu, Minister of Energy
  • Claudiu Buciu, Mayor of Lugoj
  • Dorin Petrișor Chisăliță, Head of E-City Enel X

15.15 – 15.45 Smart Environment – Dialogues. Solutions

  • Allen Coliban, Mayor of Brașov
  • Daniel Rațiu, National Sales Manager, Conart Structuri

15.45 – 16.15 Smart Health – Dialogues. Solutions

  • Daniela Cîmpean, President of the Sibiu County Council
  • Dana Stan, founder of DDS Diagnostic

16.15 – 16.45 Smart Education – Dialogues. Solutions

  • Daniel Nicodim, Deputy Mayor of Ploiești
  • Alexandru Șelaru, Founder Edus
  • Constantin Mitache – General Director of the Association of Romanian Municipalities

 16.45 – 17.15 Smart Safety & Cyber ​​Security- Dialogues. Solutions

  • Lucian Viziteu, Bacău City Hall
  • Ion Bogdan Bejinaru, Deputy Mayor of Târgu Jiu

 17.15 – 17.45 Smart Business

  • Attracting investments, tourists and even residents in cities and regions are based on brand communication. How can they build a strong brand? What should elected leaders do? How should residents get involved and help build the city brand?
  • Collaboration between the private sector and public authorities


  • Felix Tataru, President of The Institute for Visionary Cities.
  • Daniel LaMarco, Infor
  • Paul Moldovan, City Manager Sector 6, Bucharest


  • Marin Florea, President of AAPRO
  • Ionel Chirita, APL Platform
  • Marius Bostan, entrepreneur, local development expert, former Minister of Communications and Information Society



Participation fee: 500 lei + VAT

* Representatives of public authorities have free access for 1 person

Do you want to participate? Please register here

As a Partner:

Includes promotion through branding elements at the event venue, through press releases and social media, as well as making presentations of solutions at the conference (speaker and exhibition stand).

For details please contact us at:


The event will take place in Bucharest, over two days and will take place in two different locations

Conference & Expo

June 9, 2022 : Pullman Hotel, New York conferece room

(Address: Montreal Square 10, Bucharest)


Business Networking

June 10, 2022: Maison 13

(Address: Dumbrava Roșie 2, sector 2, Bucharest)






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In the last 5 years we have promoted the concept of smart city to Romanian cities. We have shown through our conferences what smart cities mean, what our cities should look like and what the benefits are for the administration and the people.

We work closely with the technology community andwe bring together a large number of providers of smart systems for energy, infrastructure, networking, data management, urban mobility, public services and more.

We are creating an urban ecosystem for the benefit of citizens, adapted to their current needs.

Results so far:

  • 14 conferences applied under the name Smart City Debates
  • Over 1800 participants: administration experts, technology companies, startups, international guests, mayors, deputy mayors, city managers, councilors and other interested people
  • Promotion of the Alba Iulia Smart City project – over 100 smart solutions tested and implemented
  • 3 editions Smart City Solutions Guide, specialized supplements published together with Newsweek magazine, sent to 300 City Halls
  • Newsletters that include the conclusions and solutions presented during the events
  • Hundreds of appearances in print, radio, television and online media
  • Over 5 million followers on social networks
  • 12 episodes Smart City weekly show with examples and explanations, broadcast on Realitatea TV
  • Extraordinary participations with remarkable interventions from: communications and technology companies, ministers, secretaries of state, the Prime Minister of Romania, teachers, mayors, city managers, directors, Romanian and international experts
  • An important community that believes in the ethical principles that should govern technological development, because technology is just a tool to make life better for Romanians.